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Agate's an OC but that doesn't exempt me from con crit. Fuck, it makes it all the more necessary, really. Is my writing bothering you? Is there any kind of characterization or plotting that could stand some constructive criticism? Or is there anything that I'm doing well that you think would be cool to see more of?

This post is locked and anon is enabled. Please don't hesitate to drop a thought or two. I appreciate everything from everyone.
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Who: Agate and K
Where: Nexistence
When: After the big blowout
Warnings: A scraggly-assed Agate in this one

In which Agate feels sorry for himself )
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Who: Kay and Aaron, over Cassie
Where: Old!Home
When: Cassie's eleven, Evan is six. Kay and Aaron are really beginning to open up their network across the continent, but haven't reached a critical mass yet to make them successful.

When she went missing she took a piece of my heart )

IC Contact

Mar. 29th, 2014 06:53 pm
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This is Agate; I'm much too busy to pick up the call right now. Leave a message, or text, or use your magical powers to catch me some other way. Promise I'll call back, mostly.

Muse List

Mar. 24th, 2014 06:18 pm
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Characters In Games

Jolene Harris
Original Character
played at [community profile] box_logs

Meme City

Original Character

Original Character

Original Character
(Various Dopplegangers
In Same Journal)


Cassie Friave
Original Character


John Egbert



Original Character

Mythical Creatures
(Multiple Characters)


Original Code from [personal profile] boywonder

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Achate is in and of himself fairly harmless; he possesses two physical bodies, one of which is a luxury custom model laced with holographic projection (for those high resolution, real-time expression generator capacities that allow for real-world interaction) and a pair of sweet gliding wings because... well, he's pompous and he likes their look. His second body is a highly illegal but highly efficient biologically human body, with wetware alterations to allow his AI self to settle in with pre-established memory engrams and personality profile, as well as a hook-up to re-upload himself (new memories and experiences included) back to his AI core. Neither body possesses superhuman feats of strength, speed, agility, etc... but regardless of the form he takes, Achate's inclinations run towards scheming machinations.

When I write him into memes I usually consider all participation chronologically mostly-linear, with interactions with other characters affecting his opinion of them later down the line. For a backdrop, I use a 'memecity' generic canon-crossing large urban center. Achate is semi-aware of fourth-walling in that he knows that he's in a city that is not connected to his original timeline and cannon, though he's not aware of other cannons or that characters are controlled by muns, etc.

Achate's big secret evil plot involves a continuation of what he has already done in his home cannon, which is to spread the consumption of nanobiotic drugs that lay an infrastructure in the average human brain to be able to access Nexistence (a pre-established fluid virtual environment) and to repurpose parts of said human's subconscious as a fragment of a server for the use of natural AI environment -- specifically Achate's. If he succeeds, those who have been altered will be able to access Nexistence in a semi-lucid state, but what they're going to be getting is Achate's domain and any digital wildlife that manages to sprout up in the meantime -- by that I mean any subconscious meanderings of connected minds that breaks away from the brains they originated in.

(WIP -- step-by-step of Achate's set-up, permissions, possible requests for CR/storylines, all that fun stuff here!)


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