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Apr. 1st, 2012 11:48 am
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Mun Info

Name: Dray, alt: TL
Gender, pronouns, etc: bi-poly-cis(ish)-female-tl;dr
Availability: Regular, slip it in around the cracks of a full time jorb and a semi-active outdoor lifestyle.
Timezone: Pacific Standard (-8GMT)
  PM [personal profile] dray or any character account, I respond to them all.
  Plurk: Drayma
  Skype: 'drayma.' (Or if you can't find me, I can add you first if I know your username.)

About: Born 1985, grew up in Alberta. Went through art college and graduated with a degree in character design. Moved to BC, got work at an outdoor activity retail store which has been suiting me pretty well. My interests include drawing characters, writing a lot (with no formal background, so I rely on observation and google to aid me. Concrit is always welcome), paddling (canoes, you silly) and portaging, hiking and camping, archery, leatherwork (making of, you silly), cooking, creating boozy hot chocolate extravaganzas. I'm totally stoked about RPing with any character or canon, and I rather enjoy a good OOC dialogue on the side. Hit me up, I tend to respond ASAP most of the time.

Cross-Media, Cross-Canon: No prob!
Smut: I'd prefer to chat about it OOC or drop hints IC or something before rolling into a smut scene. Some characters are more prone to have at than others. Some will want CR before they're ready and willing, and I don't write anything that's not unwilling.
Affection/Fluff: Much good, very yes!
Drama: Oh yeaaaah! Contentious arguments, cooperative work against a common struggle, etc. Hit me up, I'm fine with concocting scenarios and puppeting NPC's as necessary.
Death and Gore: Not so much my thing. Ask first.
Character Relationship Building: S'why I'm here really. Good character relationship-building begets fun plots. Tag me with anything, I'm game for lots of new tags with lots of new people.
Triggers and Prefs: Probably your average stuff. Dubcon and Noncon are high up there on the 'no' side. I don't consider myself a SJW or a feminist but I'm sex-positive and I don't care for negative stereotypes especially surrounding gals, gay gals (gay guys for that matter) and etc. On the other hand -- and this may not truly be a kink as a 'things I think are awesome and I would love to see depicted more because they're never in media' are unconventional relationships such as LGBTQ*-friendly ones and poly-friendly ones and ones where the conventional is typically thwarted or subverted, even in little ways. I find narratives that involve a sort of tribe mentality are kind of neat, so that might occasionally slip into character chatter one way or another. For specific lists, check the character journals. Kinks may change occasionally depending on flavour at the time.

List O' Characters:

[community profile] afterthejump | Musebox for continued CR, WIP memes, saving logs from IM convos, etc.

[personal profile] aaron_agate | Achate (alt: Agate). OC. AI character, usually parades around in an android platform but is occasionally discorporate (in the virtual world) or is wearing a biological body fitted for his needs.
[personal profile] dohremi | Fa (alt: Fara). OC. Another AI that in meme land is also borrowing a biological body to interact with other non-virtual characters.
[personal profile] cassie_fg | Cassie (alt: Cas). OC. Half Fire Elemental, for present day fantasy/supernatural settings. IC one of Achate's spawn from the first testdrive of his bio-body during a bout of domesticity. Pretty tough gal; needs some OOC TLC and development.
[personal profile] samsiam | Sam(s) (alts for individual characters: Crane, Crow, Sparrow, Panda, Viper) -- hard to explain. Sci-fi 'alternate universes coliding' setting. Various alternates of one character working together to bring down an enigmatic evil. Think, sort of, Heinlein's Lazaras Long, 99% less incest/self cest. Old journal, hasn't really been tuned yet.
[personal profile] hairsay | Jolene Harris: horror/action genre OC. Tall scraggly young woman with anger and trust issues, strong will to survive and protect the few she deems worth saving. Possible sort-of-supernatural powers/detriments regarding psionic whispers from the dead.
[personal profile] encantado | Encantado (multiple semiOC semiNPCs); old journal I don't play from much. Basically for group sex kinks.
[personal profile] wallpaper_slime | WP (slimegirl OC) old journal I don't use much. Basically for slimegirl/monstergirl kinks.

Tonnes of other OC characters that I haven't made journals for. Take 'em as they come.


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