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Who: Agate and K
Where: Nexistence
When: After the big blowout
Warnings: A scraggly-assed Agate in this one

After K had evicted Agate from her domain, the proceeding weeks had been an all-consuming quest to root out the rippling effects that she'd had on him. On the surface, her yanking at the threads that had bound her to him had been a metaphor of running, sliced wounds, but in truth, everything that had happened to K when she had tried to rip out the ancient elemental had hit him far more deeply.

Agate was not a united creature under extremely dire circumstances. He was barely a united front under good ones. There was certainly a consensus between all of the interlinking parts of him, but those that had enough free-will to operate at the capacities that they did were often in control of enough information that it took time to slosh back and forth, and the ways that different parts of him reacted to each big change were... necessary, honestly. It defended against the wildlife, it defended against malicious attack, and it most of all defended him against himself. Large AI decay was a marked thing, even if the best minds put to studying had not figured out a reliable trigger... though Agate was fairly certain that what he had just witnessed and partaken in was one.

He talked to himself for weeks over it. There were bits of Aaron embedded within him that had flared up under K's presence -- more under Kay's, really -- who had been trying to rip him a new one for endangering the elemental. There were parts of Agate that wanted to wreak havoc, having seen another AI in a vulnerable position ready to consume. They all had to be mitigated.

By the time that he even considered revisiting K, he was exhausted of resources. He was holding together but his analytical skills were drained. It hadn't taken much more than a subtle nudge at his subconscious's behalf to come slinking up against K's boundary. Enough of what was eating at him relied on input, as disastrously flawed as that was. He had a consensus on that one.
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