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Look, you get what you fuckin' pay for. You got a proposition for me then we'll sit and talk. You want to trade gossip over a drink, it'd better be good gossip. No take-backsies. Be good at what you do and be good at who you are or don't waste my fuckin' time unless you want me to waste yours.

Agate is a snide and sometimes reproachable AI; around [community profile] bakerstreet and other RP communities he uses either a biological body (as pictured above) or a fancy android body (that I can not draw for shit) to navigate cross-canon interactions and all that jazz. He enjoys plunking himself down in the middle of interesting happenings, as with talented characters, but he also likes to butt heads with those who need it, and he sure as hell has some big evil plan up his sleeve. If your character is the shady sort these two might be able to get something done in this shithole. If your character's a goody fucking two-shoes then they might have someone worth apprehending here. First they've gotta figure out what it is he's slinking around for.

(This is an RP journal. All icons are drawn by [personal profile] dray. Both character and mun are +18, and +21 for that matter where it counts.)
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