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Who: Kay and Aaron, over Cassie
Where: Old!Home
When: Cassie's eleven, Evan is six. Kay and Aaron are really beginning to open up their network across the continent, but haven't reached a critical mass yet to make them successful.

It's been a long week. A long month, really. Aaron has been away for stretches at a time, digging up and sussing out trustworthy friends of Kay's small network of supernatural people; he's been meeting them in person on the wings of Kay's ability to teleport, and he's been trying to forge ties however it takes. Sometimes it isn't easy; sometimes there's a culture gap. A lot of the time he isn't prepared at all for what he faces, never mind that he spends hours at a time researching common-held myths, that he goes to such lengths to procure the places, times, and items that he expects will make them feel comfortable. He has been out in the street, conversing with old women buried under wadded newspapers, proffering fresh offal; he's been out in the forest under the full moon, bringing the finest sample of moon-sauce to parties with the caveat that he gets to go home by the end of it all; he's been standing awkwardly at the side of a cave high up in the mountains, dressed down in heavy winter clothing and lobbing words back and forth with a socially awkward creature who refuses to show its face. He's also been ascending to the tops of steel and glass skyscrapers, playing ball with old, old gamers who remind him that he is but a little fish in a big, mean sea.

It's been draining, but he is a determined motherfucker. Aaron knows that Kay has been busy, too, in her own way. It makes returning home to their children difficult at times; Evan acts like he can take care of himself, but Aaron knows that the boy, like any humanish (even half) needs love and affection, so he makes a point of sitting in with his son and asking him about new developments, showing off particularly interesting units (not trinkets; trinkets mean little to the boy unless they have practical value) of trade in the supernatural world. He obliges Evan's thirst for learning by bringing back texts and projects to work on and fix. He has a collection of them in his work room already.

Cassie is harder. Aaron finds her sullen disposition at his return hard to break through; she seems dissatisfied with his leaving, and takes a long time to warm up to him again... and by that point usually he has to go again, which never seems to help. Ever since her mother had really cut into her for lashing out at her father for not spending enough time with her, Cassie has put it on lock down. For a child, Aaron know that's been rough. He has been doing what he can, which means that when he knocks on the door to Cassie's room later in the evening on the first day of his return, he doesn't immediately expect a reply. "Hey, firecracker, your old man's home! You want to come out for a hug?"


Aaron frowns, considers taking a firmer tone of voice... but it's going to take time, he knows this.

Instead, he says, "I'll be downstairs, girlchild. You gotta bring me up to speed on your adventures, alright?"

He finds Kay in the kitchen, looking into the mundanities of supper with a few choice things that he's found on his travels. Best not to come home empty handed! Shouldering her affectionately, he says, "you sit your ass down, woman. You're getting such a feeding." He makes good on his words, even: out come the cutting board, the knives, and he gets to washing and chopping.
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