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The Quick and Dirty: Achate, sometimes going by Agate, is an AI who enjoys networking with anyone and everyone, and if possible, to hold particularly useful characters in his debt. For the sake of [community profile] bakerstreet, Achate often wears a biological body that looks like a tall, somewhat ectomorphic blonde man, somewhere in his late twenties to mid thirties. He possesses a set of bodies in the way that car lovers possess sweet rides: Aside from his biological body he is also seen inhabiting an android that could be described as a transparent, pliable, glass-blown, sleek-as-fuck undercarriage with a holographic overlay of a blonde man nearly identical to his biological body. This body possesses black wings that are large enough to carry him in a smooth glide, if not loft him into the air or work against baffling air currents. He can manipulate his hologram into just about anything, though when he does it will usually be for a specific purpose, and not to mimick other people. In any case he is always dressed impeccably, usually in themes of black, gold, cream, and occasionally oily, dark red. He employs the motifs of owls, damasque patterns, '=' symbols (which he has tattooed on either shoulder), and occasionally etched prints in the Baroque fashion. Think Bond for suits and class, with subtle-verging-on-egregious nods towards 1700's Versailles. Think 'sartorial slut' if necessary. He's not a hipster but occasionally his garb will slip that direction if it looks slick and clean.

For [community profile] bakerstreet: Loose canon here is that Achate's in meme city along with your character and everyone else's. Meme city is a generic clusterfuck urban center where canons meet and the ideas of the characters who meet up there help define the general feeling of the city's mental undercurrent. Cross-media characters are not considered weird, nor cross-canon. It's a big city of the likes of which people come and go all the time. Think port city North America, Vancouver, New York, etc, or with flavours of other continents if you prefer. Achate is in the process of setting up a business to aid other new arrivals to the city. He hooks your characters up with people and places they'll want to be while they're here, either for a fee or for later favours. He does this partially because he likes the idea of getting to know everyone and everything, and partially because he likes holding people in sway. He also likes to strategically place people he knows together for their creative potential or their inventive potential, and he likes to push all of these in front of strange opportunities, questions and challenges. Think Bigend from Pattern Recognition on through Zero History if you're familiar with the series. Think 'tricksy chess gamer who doesn't exactly know the game but pretends he does' if you don't.

Personality: Warring between crass and cultivated, Achate likes more than anything to give the first impression of someone who is going to mess with a person. It weeds out the overly mundane in his opinion. Depending on who he is meeting he will waver more cultivated and enigmatic, or more crass and challenging, often mixing it up. He seems to immediately invest himself in those he either deems as worthy or as a challenge, for once a person is in his focus he rarely leaves them entirely alone.

Achate tends to open up others who he really deems worthy, but he rarely if ever drops full on intimacy or fluff on other characters without exacting a price for it either before or afterwards. In as far as relationships go, his only steady romance (if one could call it that) is with another AI that he deems both a nemesis and a great creator and schemer. He will dabble with others, occasionally joking that he possesses fanboy legions and perhaps a few stray kittens, but mostly these are benefactor-style relationships. He prefers control whenever he can enforce it, even in little ways.

Relationships, Character Prefs, Smut, etc: These can work out, though don't expect them to come to fruition without CR and likely a lot of 'will they won't they' -- the alternate to this is smut as a means of control (and sometimes service; Achate is weird and fickle), or as a transaction, or very rarely to clear the other character's mind of potentials. He's somewhat aromantic. Being an AI originally, this character's true method of reproduction involves cannibalising weak and dead AI's that have disintegrated, allowing the result to gestate a unique identity, and then cutting and running before said offspring can gobble up its parent. For that reason Achate sees shared creative endeavors more meaningful than humanoid recreational sex, although he doesn't knock the latter for the purposes of memeing around.

Achate's prefered partners fall into a couple of different categories. Those who are intelligent, quick-witted, and seem to know or game the system he will deign to treat as equals, and relationships tend to be fierce fights for dominance tempered out by respect and, very rarely, transactional information swapping. Achate often finds himself attracting younger people with a spark of brilliance for the bizarre, the creative, the unique and inventive: in these cases he ultimately cultivates a stable that he plays with strategically. He might share sexual or emotional bonds with these sorts of characters but they can quickly grow sour, and he tends to discard those who can't handle his fickle moods. Often he will introduce characters of this callibre to one another in situations that he think will be productive. Stray Kittens, then, is the last category that he tends to clump potential relationships into. Those who are not quite brilliant but who have pinged in to a cause that he cares for fit in here. They might be mis-programmed or misused AI/androids/programmed/virtual beings that have suffered abuse. They might be disinfranchised humanoids with a strong cause of their own that fascinates the AI. Rarely but not least in his books are those very few who are stolid enough to remain loyal to him through fickle moments and trying challenges. These may become confidants, but most Stray Kittens Achate keeps at arms-length and provides a lesser benefactor role than he would to his stable of top end thinkers.

As a side-note, with regards to 'but... anatomy... how?' Achate might deign to use his android body's available parts for physical contact and intimacy, though it is not fully functional nor anatomically correct. His biological body can be used for such instead, and in fact he'll hop into this one to share far less intimate interactions, such as a drink (though his ability to withstand inebriation and the intoxicating effects of other altering substances is very weak) or a walk through the rain, or whatever other fluffy bullshit you can't get enough of.

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